Raw Date Butter

When I was a kid I HATED dates, and just couldn’t understand how anyone could enjoy them. My palate hadn’t grown enough to appreciate the unique carmel-like flavor or the rich, “meaty” texture. These days, I love them. They are great alone or added to sweet or savory dishes that require a touch of sweet. The complex flavor coupled with the benefits of a fruit high in fiber and phytonutrients, make dates a great sugar alternative. Date butter makes it easy to add the flavor of dates to your dishes and this recipe is delicious and simple.

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Immunity Tea


Hibiscus contains high levels of vitamin c which helps fight colds and it helps strengthen the immune system. This plant also has an abundance amino acids, fruit acids, vitamins (especially vitamin c), bioflavonoids and other nutrients.

Calendula while best perhaps best known for its topical skin healing properties, is also soothing internal remedy with antimicrobial components; this healing plant gently stimulates the immune system and promotes lymphatic drainage. Calendula petals also have wound-healing properties most likely due to it’s high content of iodine, manganese and carotene, which promote cell regeneration.

Historically chamomile has been used treat many illnesses, from colds to viruses. Studies suggest that chamomile tea helps to boost the immune system by increasing levels of polyphenols (antiviral, antibacterial, anti-cancer properties) in the bloodstream. It is also anti-inflammation and a relaxant.

Ginger is antibacterial, anti-parasitic , and anti-inflammatory and is great for digestion.

The following recipe makes a potent tea that has immune building properties. A small cup a few times a day, everyday or as often as needed will help to give your body the antioxidants it needs to function exceedingly well .

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Raw Vanilla-Cinnamon Cashew Milk


I’m far from being vegan, but my desire to drink cows milk is next to non-existent these days. I still enjoy cheese and butter, but I prefer my milk to come from a nut. I usually buy almond milk from the store to eat in cereal, or mix with my smoothies. And although I’ve often thought about making my own, I’d never gotten around to it, thinking it would be difficult, or costly to do.

The other day, after making my first batch of Vegan Oat Bran Milk, I decided I would try making a milk with my favorite nuts, cashews. After looking at a few recipes to determine the correct cashew to water ratio, I developed a really delicious recipe that even my milk loving nephews loved!

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Tomato Kale Frittata

I found this amazing Frittata recipe on Jason’s Bites, and decided to drop what I was doing and make it! (I was hungry! Lol) Continue reading

Fab Natural Cooking Staples

Learning about the hidden sources of MSG in one of my favorite cooking ingredients was very disheartening, but I was determined to find an alternative to what I thought was my alternative to regular bouillon. I scoured the Internet looking for “All Natural” or “Organic” vegetable bouillon with no hidden MSG, but to no avail. Every time I thought I’d found one, I was disappointed by an ingredient like “yeast extract” or “malt extract” which are MSG indicators. After a thorough search I decided to try to make it myself.

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Hidden MSG in My Favorite Cooking Base

The day I realized my beloved Better Than Bouillon was not a “clean,” MSG free, flavor enhancer wasn’t the happiest of days in my kitchen. After deciding the taste was too good to be true I decided to take a closer look. On the surface, the ingredients look innocent enough,

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5 Easy Steps to Clean up Your Diet

I found a funny and useful infographic by the fabulous natural hair obsessed, video blogging, graphic designer Chescaleigh. Leave it to her to inject a few laughs into clean eating, while showing that anyone can change their habits.

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