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5 Tips on Getting Sexy Abs, by Celebrity Trainer Jeanette Jenkins

Most of us know that great abs aren’t something that just happen, but are built through hard work and dedication; not just hard work in the gym, but, and perhaps most importantly, through discipline in the kitchen as well. Trainer Jeanette Jenkins recently shared some tips for obtaining a killer set of abs, via Frugivore Magazine:

While her clientele includes a smoking hot roster of stars, Hollywood trainer Jeanette Jenkins has no problem helping everyone get the body they dream of. Her latest DVD, Sexy Abs, features the sexy songbird Kelly Rowland who has a midsection many would die for.

“We decided do Sexy Abs together because of course Kelly has beautiful abs and a beautiful core and body parts that a lot of her fans admire and want to have,” Jenkins said.  ”We did a DVD that shows people how to improve not just your core strength but your core flexibility.”

She also gifted us tips on what and how to eat in order to slim the waistline and burn the belly fat: Continue reading


7 Days of Green Smoothies

I love green smoothies because it’s a delicious way to get lots of necessary nutrients and fiber in one meal, and a great way boost your energy every day. This recipe was adapted from Dr. Oz’s Super Energy Smoothie. I loved the original recipe but it makes SO much and preparation is a lot of work. Also, with fresh produce there is a huge risk for spoilage. Another issue is the cost. Fresh fruits and veggies are costly, and this smoothie, because of the huge batch, was no exception. I decided to use what I had at home, and make a couple of changes to suit my taste as well. The changes make the recipe more cost-effective, by making it easier to make it two servings at a time.

This green machine is packed with just enough good stuff. It has hydrating coconut water, a natural energy drink. Raspberries which provide necessary vitamin C and cleansing dietary fiber as well as soluble fiber, which helps to regulate cholesterol. Delicious cantaloupe is rich in vitamin A, which promotes vision health and helps to fight aging and disease, as well as vitamin C, an essential antioxidant. With 427 mg per cup, cantaloupe is a high source of potassium, which is essential for normal cell function, muscle function, heartbeat and energy regulation.

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