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5 Easy Steps to Clean up Your Diet

I found a funny and useful infographic by the fabulous natural hair obsessed, video blogging, graphic designer Chescaleigh. Leave it to her to inject a few laughs into clean eating, while showing that anyone can change their habits.

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Fitness Discovery: So, Running Outside IS Harder than Treadmill Running…

Yesterday, I decided that instead of driving to the gym to run of the treadmill for 20 or so minutes, I was going to try running outside. Simple enough right? Running is starting to feel more like second nature to me, and while the gym is a convenience in it’s self, I like the freedom of stepping out of my house, and going for a jog. In preparation, I downloaded the interval timer app Seconds Pro, which, by the way, is worth far more than the measly $2.99 I paid for it, and I added my running schedules for the next 10, weeks. I also went out and purchased an armband so I could carry my ipod with ease. I was excited. Instead of being in the hot crowded gym, I was going to be running freely outside, wind blowing in my hair, and whisking the sweat off of my face as I ran. This would be easier, or so I thought.

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